Our mission

The Humentum Foundation helps people with questions and problems about money. We do this close to their own language and culture.  

The Humentum Foundation offers a listening ear or concrete help with financial coaching. Where necessary, we also provide guidance to other chain partners, such as the Municipality. The Humentum Foundation aims to relieve people in The Hague and the environment of (financial) stress and to help them develop knowledge and skills.

The Humentum Foundation helps entrepreneurs with (financial) problems. We first try to unburden entrepreneurs and, where possible, help them to reorganize, start or grow their business. We work together with budget coaches and various experts.

When helping entrepreneurship, the Humentum Foundation strives to keep the costs for entrepreneurs as low as possible.

The board

The board of Stichting Humentum consists of:

  1. Dilek Günes-Yilmaz, Legal and tax affairs. education and general board member.
  2. Jan-Arnout Cavadino, chairman and portfolio marketing and communication.
  3. Bert Brown. volunteer coordinator and general board member.
  4. Jack Gerrist, treasurer and general board member.


The Foundation was established on the basis of the following articles of association:

The purpose of the foundation is to unburden and develop people. Both on a personal and business level in The Hague and surroundings. 

The Humentum Foundation does this by operating as close as possible to its target groups. Close to language and culture.

The foundation tries to achieve its goal by implementing a number of programs, including assistance with financial problems, budget coaching, guiding and coaching target groups in other areas of life - and guiding other processes that unburden and develop people (private individuals and entrepreneurs). 

ANBI Foundation

The Humentum Foundation has had the ANBI status since 2018. The Humentum Foundation has no profit target and its directors all work unpaid. The Humentum Foundation welcomes donations that are then officially tax deductible.

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