Help for companies

Introduction, first aid for companies

At Humentum we first investigate whether you as an entrepreneur have come to the right place. If there is a mutual click and we can offer the help you need, we immediately start with an extensive intake interview.


at the intake questions  we ask a number of questions to find out how urgent, how big the problems are and what other entrepreneurial issues there are:

  • How high are the debts? How did they come about? Who are the creditors?
  • How's the company doing? What is the initial estimate of survival in the short and long term?
  • What is the forecast of turnover and costs?
  • Can the entrepreneur still pay the fixed costs privately?
  • Is there any urgency?

During our introduction we also explain the possible trajectories of assistance: what are the options and conditions. In which part can we support you directly from the Foundation and for which part is extra expertise required or referral to chain partners. The options for a possible restart or restart can be determined in more detail in a later follow-up step. If the customer wants to continue, an agreement is made and signed. Based on the intake, it is jointly decided whether the Humentum Foundation is the best party to help or whether the entrepreneur will be referred.

Possible next steps

  1. Referral
    The entrepreneur is referred to the Municipality or a partner if this is in the interest of the entrepreneur.
  2. Bridging crisis.
    The Humentum Foundation has knowledge of the usual schemes for support from the Government and of the possibilities of credit and refinancing via Qredits, among others. In consultation it can be examined whether these are interesting opportunities for the entrepreneur.
  3.  Stopen
    If it turns out that a company is not (no longer) viable, we support the entrepreneur with the orderly ending of the company and we guide the entrepreneur to the Municipality.
  4.  Restart
    If, after discussions and a positive SWOT analysis, a restart is seen as a realistic option, advice will be given on how a company can best be stabilized again and then grow again (see also point 4).
  5.  Tailor-made partial solutions (depending on specific requests for help and preferably after an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses (SWOT). 
  • Administrative
  • Financial
  • Credit options
  • Fiscal
  • Legal
  • Organizational
  • Staff
  • Marketing and communication

Teamwork and personal attention

Helping entrepreneurs requires customization and teamwork, but also a personal touch. The Humentum Foundation works as much as possible with one contact person who is supported by a team of specialists. The contact person represents all interests and answers all questions, but can always call on the specialists and partners of the Humentum Foundation.

Do you want to know more?

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