Budget coaching

The Humentum Foundation offers help in solving financial problems, as close to language and culture as possible.

Debt is often a major problem. Debts often accumulate and often get worse because people do not work or work late on solutions. Humentum understands this and offers help.

We help people tailor-made as much as possible. By working with multilingual budget coaches who:

  1. Are continuously trained;
  2. Being able to motivate and guide people well;
  3. Where possible, help participants in their own language and culture and at their pace. So that the participant, step by step, gets more and more grip on his own affairs and self-confidence grows. Where necessary, the personal coach also accompanies the participant to the Municipality, if this is important.

Are you having trouble managing your finances? Do you have payment arrears? Are you having trouble making ends meet?

  1. Do you have recurring money worries?  
  2. Are you looking for help in getting and keeping your "housekeeping book" in order?
  3. Do you receive reminders and do you need help to respond to them effectively?
  4. Do you have structural debts and are you looking for help with a solution?
  5. Do you want to know if you are eligible for a debt restructuring process? Or do you want guidance for a process?
  6. Do you need advice on how to save money?
  7. Are you looking for a budget coach who, together with you or for you, helps to bring and keep things in order?

What do we do?

The budget coaches of the Humentum Foundation are trained, understand your language and culture and can help you with:

  1. Reading or writing your letters;
  2. Get your administration in order;
  3. Coaching in managing your income and your budget;
  4. Help you to ultimately be able to budget yourself;
  5. Applying for (tax) allowances or helping you to apply for them;
  6. Investigating savings options;
  7. Help write or call creditors;
  8. Request or advise on Allowances. Also for the new Energy Allowance in The Hague!
  9. Essential components of debt reduction and debt management, such as: debt stabilization, debt counseling, financial coaching and budget management;
  10. Guidance to the Municipal Credit Bank or professional debt adjusters of the Municipality.

Also need help?

Take the first step to ease your financial worries. take with us contact so that we can match you with a budget coach who is close to your culture and language and who will help solve your concerns. 

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