The Humentum Foundation helps people and entrepreneurs with their financial requests. We do this close to the language and culture of the person, together with experienced and trained budget coaches.

The Humentum Foundation offers a listening ear or concrete help with financial coaching and possibly guidance to other chain partners. The Humentum Foundation aims to help people in The Hague and the environment unburden (financial) stress and help with it develop of knowledge and skills.

The Humentum Foundation mainly works with well-trained and multilingual volunteers and external chain partners who come to people's homes or give advice and help at the office.

The Humentum Foundation helps people with financial problems

We solve your problems together with our multilingual budget coaches.

We work in and around The Hague.

First aid for companies

The Humentum Foundation helps entrepreneurs who have (financial) problems in stopping, restarting or growing their business.

We work in and around The Hague.

Challenging volunteer work and nice colleagues

At the Humentum Foundation you receive extensive training in the field of budget coaching. In addition, you will receive support from your supervisor and multilingual volunteers when you need it.

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